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How do I add or remove users?

That depends on the type of user you’d like to set up, as there are three types of Premium Access users:

  • Guest Users: These users can search for content within your account and collaborate with Boards, but they are not able to download images or videos. Guest users don’t need to register on or have an account. To invite a guest user, go to My Account, copy the Guest Preview URL and send it to a user. If you want them to use a Board to collect images, create a Board and share it with them using the URL. Guest Preview displays exactly what users of the subscription are seeing without the ability to download.


  • Download Users: These users can search and download images and videos under the agreement and collaborate with Boards. To enable access for this user, have them register on, and then contact us by email with their username and ask to have them added to your company account with permission to download on the Premium Access agreement. You can add multiple users at the same time.


  • View only: This level of access can be granted to team members within your company. View only access allows users to search within your Premium Access agreement, but restricts users from downloading.  Users can browse, search and add content ideas to project boards within your Premium Access agreement, all without the need to share your login credentials.


Contact us to discuss adding additional users or collections to your agreement. Each user should have their own username and password on Getty Images so you can track downloads and usage.

How do search keywords work?

  • Each image or video on Getty Images can be searched by person, number of people, location, actions, objects, animals, camera techniques, or concepts. There is also a built-in hierarchy. For example, you could search for “World Cup,” “Soccer tournament,” or “Soccer.” Each term would contain the others. So, by searching for “Soccer” it would include the other terms.


  • You can use words like “not” to eliminate a certain search term—for example entering “dogs not cats” would show dogs, but no cats in the results. You can also use “or” as in “dogs or cats,” which would include images with dogs, cats as well as dogs, and cats together. If you use “and” it will show images with both dogs and cats only.


  • You can refine your search using the panel on the left of the search page. For example, you can use the filter to look for specific camera techniques or photo composition like one person, two people, or a group. To search for videos, select Video in the left-hand corner of the search bar. You cannot search for videos and images at the same time.

How can I search more efficiently to find what I need?

  • Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out technique discover a wider range of images that are relevant to you. Start by entering more detailed keywords like “woman, trail running, forest, rainy day” and then switch to a more general keywords like “running, outdoors, nature” to improve the variety of your results.


  • When you discover an image or video you like, you can find similar images or videos below the one you’re viewing—these can be images from the same shoots, or from the same photographer or videographer. However, they can also just be images that look visually similar—click through the View all button to explore more images.


  • Reading the keywords of images you like will give you new search terms to try and also help improve your keyword vocabulary.


  • When searching for images or videos you can create a Board for your project and leave it open at the top of your screen. When you’re searching, add images or videos to the Board—and, once you have a collection of images, you can refine them further so you’re only left with your favorites. Boards are the best way to create, curate, and collaborate all in one place.

How do I manage usage and track content used for projects?

  • Make sure each user has a separate username that is associated with your agreements, which will allow you to track downloads by user.


  • Project codes: When your Premium Access agreement is set up, youll have the option to add project codes. These can be cost centers, departments, or other IDs and can be set as optional or required for all downloads. If you do enable this optional feature, project code selection will be required for all users within the agreement. Contact your company administrator to set up this feature.


  • Notes: When your Premium Access agreement is set up, you have an option to add a notes field where you can add comments about projects, usage, or whatever you want. This can be optional or required for all downloads. Contact your company administrator to set up this feature.


  • Download Report: To download a report of all downloads including project codes, notes, and additional downloaded content, login to your agreement, go to My Account and select Download. Click the Export to CSV link to use this in Excel or other spreadsheet software to track usage by project, user, and content. If you need to see downloads for all users on the agreement, contact your company administrator.


  • Available Downloads: You can track your agreement end date and available downloads by logging into to your agreement and going to Overview.

How do I manage my invoices?

Go to My Account and select Invoices, which will show your invoices that are open or paid. You can also pay invoices if you are a terms customer by selecting Pay Invoice. The invoice will be charged to the credit card that is associated with your login. If you do not see the Pay Invoice button, your credit card may not be on file—contact us to add it.

How do I know what images and videos I have access to with my agreement?

  • Your Premium Access agreement is enabled by default and applied to your search results. You can turn the Premium Access search filter on or off by toggling the Premium Access switch under the left filter panel. Be sure the Premium Access filter is checked to search within your agreement.


  • If the Premium Access only filter is enabled, you’ll see a Premium Access Download button on the image you have selected. If you are being asked to add an image to your cart and pay, double check that the filter is enabled, as that image or video may not be included under your agreement.

What do I do if my needs change?

Contact us if you need images or videos that are not included under your current agreement, or require different usage rights, or additional collections, or if you need more downloads added. It’s possible to upgrade your existing agreement, purchase more images or videos with an UltraPack, or work with your sales rep to find a custom solution.

What tools will help me work more efficiently with my agreement?


  • Dropbox: Seamlessly download images and videos directly to your Dropbox account. To star saving downloads to Dropbox, just go to the Apps pageand click Connect. You can disconnect at any time.


  • Mobile Apps: Our Getty Images apps for iOS and Android put over 60 million powerful images in your pockets. You can search, save and share creative photos, as well as editorial and archival images—wherever and whenever you need them.


  • Getty Images API: The Getty Images Application Programming Interface (API) enables  developers to access your agreement (search, download, use Boards, report) either in a digital application or by integrating into a larger system (asset management or accounting system, for example). Use of the API is free, but requires a developer.


  • Media Manager: This digital asset management system (DAM) enables you to track usage and versions of assets from your Premium Asset agreement plus other image sources. Available at additional cost. Contact us for details.

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